Mindset Metamorphosis: Defining the Shapes of Leadership

Book Description:

“Mindset Metamorphosis: Defining the Shapes of Leadership” is a groundbreaking exploration into the art and science of leadership, masterfully penned by Dr. Tabatha Russell. Within its pages lies a transformative journey through twelve distinct shapes, each symbolizing a unique leadership style essential for navigating the complexities of the modern world. From the inclusivity of the Circle to the resilience of the Octagon, Dr. Russell delves into the geometrical metaphors that embody the multifaceted nature of effective leadership, providing readers with a profound understanding of how to inspire, adapt, and thrive in any environment.

This book is more than a guide; it’s a mission to empower leaders across the globe. With her extensive research and deep passion for leadership development, Dr. Russell offers actionable insights, strategies, and real-world applications that encourage current and aspiring leaders to embrace a holistic, adaptive, and empathetic approach to leadership. “Mindset Metamorphosis” challenges traditional paradigms, advocating for a leadership style that prioritizes emotional intelligence, inclusivity, and resilience, ensuring that leaders are equipped to foster environments of innovation and harmony.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, an emerging leader, or someone seeking to enhance your influence, this book provides the tools and insights necessary to embark on a personal leadership journey. It invites you to rethink conventional notions of authority and influence, inspiring you to lead with purpose, passion, and a commitment to leaving a lasting impact on your team, organization, and the wider community.

Go “F” Yourself: Finding: Faith, Fortune & Fulfillment

Foreword: Go “F” Yourself Book

Dr. Tabatha Russell never ceases to amaze me with her pursuit of excellence! Go “F” Yourself, Finding: Faith, Fortune & Fulfillment, is a piece of art full of actionable steps and strategies to improve one’s overall quality of life. This book will be an incredible tool for anyone seeking a breakthrough to move to the next level in their faith, finances, and self-contentment. Dr. Tabatha reflects on all the important areas of our lives with her forward-thinking, wisdom, and thought-provoking dialogue. I love the catchy title because it captures the true wit and grace of the inspirational woman of God, author, and educator that she is. This is a book that I will return to time and again throughout my personal journey. I know that it will be a gift to you as well. 

~ Armella Harmony Shivers, Global Sisterhood Ministry Leader, Spiritual Coach

Book description: 

If you’re ready to make a change in your life and find true fulfillment, then “Go “F” Yourself: Finding Faith, Fortune, and Fulfillment” by Dr. Tabatha Russell is the book for you. This edgy and provocative self-help book challenges readers to take control of their lives and find meaning in a world that often feels lost and chaotic.

Dr. Russell provides readers with the tools and strategies needed to achieve faith, fortune, and fulfillment in their lives. Faith is not limited to religion, but rather a belief in something greater than oneself. It is what gives individuals strength to face life’s uncertainties and provides a sense of peace and contentment.

Fortune, in this book, isn’t just about money. It’s about abundance in all areas of life, including health, relationships, and personal growth. The author encourages readers to work towards prosperity in these areas.

Fulfillment comes from living a life that is true to oneself, finding joy and purpose in what one does. Dr. Russell highlights the importance of this, and how it can lead to happiness and motivation.

While the book’s title may raise eyebrows, it is a powerful statement about taking charge of one’s life and finding meaning in a world that can feel overwhelming. This book is for anyone who is searching for something more and is willing to put in the effort to achieve it.

Overall, “Go “F” Yourself: Finding Faith, Fortune, and Fulfillment” is an edgy and thought-provoking book that challenges readers to take control of their lives and find meaning and purpose. Dr. Russell’s approach is unconventional, but her message is clear: it’s time to go after what you want and find the life you deserve.

I Divorced My Money and Married My Mindset: This Time It’s Personal

Book Description:

This book is designed to challenge us to process how we think about and view money. If you are ready to shift your mindset, put in the work, and create the life of your dreams. This is a standalone, powerful resource for anyone searching for something that is different from the norm. Are you looking for fulfilling ways to change old habits and embrace a greater level of success? Then, let’s go on a journey to uncovering the limitations of your mind, remove the imaginary boxes and walk into your destiny. You will never achieve that level of success once dreamed of until you renew your mindset. This must read book will help you along the way on your journey.

Expand The Visions Journal: 31 Habits of Highly Successful Women

Book Description:

Guided Journal for Women. This Guided Journal will help you find Happiness, Positivity, and Renewed Confidence. Each day will guide you to think as you write about a new habit. This is the one you need to help you let go of your past fears and lack of self-confidence to move forward in your life of Happiness and Prosperity. Lots of space for Reflection, Goal Setting, Gratitude, and Lifestyle Tracking plus an unlimited space to Dream Big! Change your habits through your Mindset.

Field of Dreams Prayer Journal

Book Description:

This colorful Prayer Journal will guide you through your daily Field of Dreams with God. Fill each page with your favorite scriptures, notes, and creative thoughts. Feel free to let your imagination flow one word at a time.

I Divorced My Money & Married My Mindset Notebook

Book Description:
This one-of-a-kind notebook is a great companion for the I Divorced My Money & Married My Mindset Book. Let your creativity flow as you write on the 120 pages.
● HIGH QUALITY: The premium paper brings you a good writing experience and the durable, sturdy cover will protect your notes for years.
● Easy to Carry: notebook, a journal for Women and men, size 9×6 inches makes the notebook become your best writing partner. It is portable and suitable for note-taking, journaling, teaching, and learning.
● Let this notebook be a great reminder of the things that you are working on daily. Your mindset is the key to your happiness and success.

I Divorced My Money & Married My Mindset Gratitude Journal

Book Description:
● This one-of-a-kind Journal is the perfect companion to the I Divorced My Money & Married My Mindset Book. The journal has the perfect space for you to allow your innermost thoughts to be recorded.
● HIGH QUALITY: The premium paper brings you a good writing experience and the durable, sturdy hard cover will protect your journal for years.
● Easy to Carry: Journal for Women and Girls, size 6X9 inches makes this gratitude journal become your best-kept secret. It is portable and suitable for journaling, note-taking, drawing, teaching, and learning.
● Be creative with the endless possibilities for your journal.

Confident Diva Prayer Journal: Inspiration Comes from Within

Book Description:

This Confident Diva Prayer Journal is designed for you to write down your revelations, inspiration, notes, and personal writings. As you allow the Lord to lead you through the process, may you find peace and joy on every page of this journal.

My Ink Spot Journal

Book Description:
My Ink Spot Journal is created for you to allow your thoughts to flow. Get lost in writing your ideas, notes, or dreams daily. This book has endless opportunities for you to imagine and create. No limits and No judgment zone. Write in your favorite color or draw your favorite picture. Make it your own without restrictions.